MRCagney Works


Pronounced "atom k" and short for Auckland Transport Model Kit, ATMK is a Python 3.7 package we created to analyse and visualise the standard output of the Macro Strategic Model (MSM). MSM is Auckland's canonical four-step transportation forecasting model. It is curated by the Auckland Forecasting Centre and is used to predict macro scale motor vehicle use (including public transport use) changes in response to a proposed transport infrastructure project. The standard output of MSM comprises several gigabytes worth of 600 x 600 origin-destination matrices of forecasted trip demands, trip costs, and trip journey times across multiple modes, purposes, and times of travel across several variations of the proposed transport project. It is not a data set you want to manipulate by hand.

With ATMK we created a programmatic, hence easily testable and repeatable, workflow that consumes MSM output and computes economic benefits for the transport project following the guidelines of the New Zealand Economic Evaluation Manual.

We then combine these economic benefits with estimated costs in a spreadsheet with sensitivity tests to derive a range of benefit-cost ratios for the transport project.

Without ATMK or something of its kind, compiling the economics for business cases would be an arduous and error-prone process, and we do a lot of business cases. So thank you, ATMK!