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Corridor Explorer

Corridor Explorer is a web application we created for Australia's Department of Transport and Main Roads as part of a study of public transport corridors in South East Queensland (SEQ). The application combines scheduling, realtime, and ticketing data from SEQ's public transport network to analyse and visualise several key corridors.

Corridors are split into segments whose endpoints are stops along the corridor, and for each segment, various indicators are calculated. These are then colour- and thickness-coded for display, so that a user can easily spot problematic corridors, such as ones with high passenger delay.

Clicking on a segment brings up a popup with more detail on that segment.

And each popup links to a segment detail page that displays more detail on the segment, such as time series for each indicator across various study periods.

Finally, a rankings page ranks all the corridors and segments in terms of passenger freeflow delay, the most important indicator of the study, thereby giving the user a list of the problematic corridors to prioritize for upgrade.

Author: Alex Raichev
Date: 2015-08-02