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NZLVM, abbreviating "New Zealand land value model", is an R package we created for the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). The package models New Zealand land value differences across zoning boundaries, such as rural-urban and industrial-residential, and provides a new suite of measures on the impact of local government policy on house prices.

In building NZLVM, we combined geospatial and econometric processing into one codebase for reproducible analyses. We handled ~14 GB of economic and geographic data, including all ~3 million New Zealand primary land parcels, and encoded some complex geospatial calculations which we parallelized for speed. Challenging and rewarding in the end. We chose R as our programming language, because MBIE will inherit the code and R is their house language.

The outputs of the model are now being distributed to 23 local councils to help inform their zoning policy decisions.